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George Clooney is not advertising ‘Cialde’ coffee!

by c0ffeekid1 on December 6, 2010

Cialde is fresh ground espresso coffee hermetically sealed to provide the coffee connoisseur with the freshest espresso experience without all the fuss. If you want beautiful espresso coffee quickly and easily every time without having to grind fresh beans or tamp at exactly the right pressure with a perfectly flat surface and all the other rigmarole that goes with coffee…..read on. For those that see the process of buying beans, grinding and tamping as the main event you should probably go and do the gardening your partner has been nagging you about for weeks as this article will be as useful as ………………

Cecilia 2 group

Cecilia 2 Group Cialde Coffee machine

La Piccola has just provided us with a Sara and a Cecilia from their range of Italian made espresso machines to demonstrate cialde coffee in our showroom over the Christmas period. We will be resting our beloved Expobar Mega Crem two group machine while we play with the Cecilia as the main coffee maker and use the Sara as the demonstrator model. We have also got a range of cialde pods from Grinders Coffee, Lucaffe Australia and Caffe Mauro to test drive.

Sara Red Cialde Coffee Machine

Many of the larger coffee suppliers and roasters are now producing pods which can be bought conveniently over the web or from specialty outlets. Our first coffee experience on the Cecilia was a great hit with technicians, office staff and the warehouse manager from the business next door all lining up to try the new machine. One of the great features of cialde is that you can easily make coffee for people with several different tastes all at the same time.

Mr Exclusive Cialde

I had an espresso using a Mr Exclusive pod from Lucaffe, the warehouse guy from next door had a flat white using a Grinders Coffee pod and one of the tech’s had a cappuccino using a Lucaffe Nocciola pod (has a hint of hazelnut). Three different types of fresh ground espresso coffee, three successes and all done at the same time with no fuss, no mess! This Cecilia is a commercial two group machine (also available in 1 and 3 group models) with more than enough grunt to keep a busy cafe or office humming along and the Sara is designed for the smaller office or home and can equally keep up in the morning coffee stakes. No mess, no grinder, no stale beans, no plumbing (unless desired), no waiting and great fresh coffee in a flash!

Cialde Coffee Pds

Cialde Coffee Pods

We have the Cecilia Red 1 Group on special for Christmas over on the Coffee Machine Solutions site as well as a number of other great packages.

Buon Natale!

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